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Fuck the Troops

Me encontre un excelente artículo sobre la opinión de un Gringo sobre la forma en la que actua su país en los últimos años, el nombre se escucha algo fuerte, pero al leerlo uno se da cuenta de lo que realmente están haciendo.
Jorge Avila

"Fuck the troops"

[I want you to pull your head out of your ass, America]


When you say, "Support the troops," what you really mean is "Don't
criticize this war." When you say, "Don't criticize this war," what
you're really saying is, "Fuck the troops."

I'm an American. I love my country and want the best for its future
because it's my future, my family's. There is no other country quite
the same nor as free though I don't think it's nearly free enough but
that's a cat for another skinning.

The troops are not protecting me, my family, or my country. Iraq was
no threat to the US. The President, his puppeteers, and a chorus of
sycophants filtered, distorted, and manipulated the information at
hand to suggest otherwise. It was lies. You heard half of them
yourself. The whole incident, the whole cabal, will be remembered as a
horrifying joke. Historians will run races against James Buchanan,
Andrew Johnson, Franklin Pierce, and George W Bush to select the worst
US President in history.

The troops are not eliminating terrorism. They are spawning it.
Massive amounts of it. There were no terrorists to speak of in Iraq
before the war. It's now a breeding ground for it. Just like
Afghanistan was when Russia invaded there in 1979 and the CIA propped
up freedom fighters. One you know by name: Osama bin Laden.

The troops are hurting me. They're taking my tax dollars to live 6,000
miles away and expend expensive ordnance. They're making it unsafe for
me to lay my American passport down when I travel in places like
Indonesia or Africa. They're teaching the world that American soldiers
can shoot an unarmed, wounded man to death on camera and it's not a
crime. They're implying to the world that I somehow support that
instead of lynching the morons who get away with it.

The troops are hurting Iraq. Hussein was a beast but he was, of late,
a stable and relatively innocuous one. The Baghdad morgue is taking in
more than 1,000 murder victims a month and the number has been
steadily rising since the war started. It's also a minimum because
many murders go unreported and unrecognized. This is a single city in
Iraq where 20,000 civilians will be murdered this year. It will be
called civil unrest but 20,000 dead in one city is a combination of
anarchy and civil war. In New York City, 1.6 times more populous than
Baghdad, there will be around 600 murders this year.

The troops are decent men killing innocent people because the
situation backs them into corners they can shoot through but can't see
around. They're getting hammered with things that cause post traumatic
stress in strong men. As the news from Abu Ghraib, Ishaqi, Haditha,
and even the American soil of Guantanamo Bay suggests, they're being
turned into monsters by these forced situations.

Far above reasonable averages, they're coming home to divorces.
They're coming home unemployable, unable to function in normal
society; damaged goods, psychological splatter damage. They're coming
home to kill their wives. They're coming home to kill themselves.
They're even coming home with the potential to be the exact thing
they're supposedly stopping, the worst single terrorist we've had.

The price you think the war is exacting on them isn't just a couple of
body bags stuffed in flag-wrapped oak boxes a day. The price of this
is a book of blank checks without so much as an expiration date. Stop
signing them.

Support the troops? Bring them the fuck home and give everyone who
wants it an honorable discharge so they can get back to taking care of
America in person. Then everyone here could support them in ways that
aren't a twisted piece of jingoism tied to bumpers with yellow


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  1. ¡¿Gringo?! Yo soy Nuevo Mexicano!

    But seriously, thank you for the kind comments and the mention of the piece.


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